Multi-channel Power Factor Controller (Multi Power Factor Control System)


comEL-GRIN is a multi-channel power factor controller with an automatic multi power factor controlling system that manages up to four distribution transformers’ power factor simultaneously. comEL-GRIN collects, indicates and processes power factor data transferred from digital measuring instruments which are installed in multiple distribution panels. Then it automatically controls power factor of multiple distribution transformers whereas other power factor controllers require multiple power capacitors relevant to the number of distribution transformers.


  • It is a microprocessor-based power factor controller that can control the power factor of multiple distribution transformers from one panel.
  • It controls power factors by switching the capacitor into a transformer that requires power factor improvement from one combined controller due to a multi power factor algorithm.


  • Electricity cost reduction due to power factor improvement from power transmission and distribution process.
  • Reduces the cost of production by adjusting the power factor on multiple systems on one panel in an electrical room.
  • Through real-time monitoring, when there is a need to check for malfunctions of the power capacitor and for extra capacitors later, it becomes easy to check the amount.
  • Easy to expand by developing it in parallel.
  • It is used as a voltage control of new renewable energy such as large wind energy equipment, fuel cells and solar energy generation equipment, etc.
Item Problems with the previous
ordinary power factor controller
Expected Improvements with comEL-GRIN
Cost Excessive production costs are required and the collection period according compared to the investment is long term With one multi power factor controller and multi power factor control panel, it controls all the transformer’s power factor which therefore reduces the cost of production
Management There are power factor controllers for each transformer which increases the management cost and management time Effective energy management with one multi power factor controller, reducing the maintenance cost and time
Space Since it installs a multiple of power factor controllers and power factor control panels, there is a lack of space It only requires space for one panel

Comparing ordinary power factor control and multi power factor control for 4 channels

Item Ordinary power factor controller comEL-GRIN
Power factor control panel Requires 4 sides of distributors Requires 1 side of distributors
Power factor controllers Requires 4 Requires 1 (Multi channel power factor controller)
Capacitor capacity (Qc) 253kVar x 4 = 1012kVar 127kVar x 4 = 508kVar
Installation space (%) 100 25
Installation costs (%) 100 45

* Assuming: contract demand 4,000 kW, 4 transformers with capacity of 1,000 kVA, average power factor of 88% for industrial
use of contract type high-voltage A receptor, lowest power factor of each transformer 80%, target power factor 95%

4channel general power factor control system

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