Power Data Logger


comEL-MINT is an IoT device using smart grid system that receives power data collected from several digital measuring instruments installed on a distribution panel. A comEL-MINT device is a power data logger that can process several power data simultaneously and support Modbus protocols of RS232 and RS-422/485. Based on power data collected with comEL-MINT, power status and power measurement result are reported to the manager.


Power data collection function

1 Power data collection function

– It collects power data such as power factor information
from the panel/distribution board
– Transmit and receive data collected from the measuring
instrument through wireless internet

Real-time monitoring function

2 Real-time monitoring function

– Provides power usage inside factories and buildings in
– Monitors power system operation conditions
– Detects “abnormal patterns”

Power factor analysis

3 Power factor analysis

– Measures the current power factor
– Calculates required power factor compensation resource
amount in order to reach the target power factor

Power quality analysis and energy maintenance optimization

4 Power quality analysis and energy maintenance optimization

– Calculates transformer dissipation and line loss
– Digitizes loss created due to low power factor
– Reaches energy results index that is accurate and specific
– When pushing ESCO projects, it is possible to measure
accurate ROI (return on investment)


  • Transmits and receives data collected from the measuring instrument through wireless internet.
  • Provides real time power usage inside the factory and buildings.
  • Detects “abnormal patterns” through power status analysis.
  • Supports various communication methods.
  • Capable of collecting combined data from various power measuring instruments.
  • Makes electrical energy maintenance tasks faster, easier and safer.
  • Allows easy transition to a smart factory with simpler energy management procedures.