Floating Solar Power Generation System


This is an eco-friendly power generation facility that combines offshore technology (shipbuilding + mooring) and renewable energy as a fusion Solar facility that installs Solar modules on the water surface of dams and reservoirs.

It is a buoyant body for floating Solar modules and structures on the water surface.

Contains additives to improve the durability of floating bodies exposed to Ultra violet(UV) rays.

It secures durability that can respond to typhoons and wind waves.

There are Solar modules, inverters, and junction boxes that enable Solar power generation even in high-humidity environments.

Safety and Maintenance System


Due to the effect of the wind blowing on the water, the amount of power generation is increased by 5~10% compared to the ground.

It eliminates side effects such as undeveloped landslides caused by the construction of Solar power plants in the mountains.

The efficiency of land use is achieved by constructing solar power generation facilities on the water surface of idle sites such as reservoirs.

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