Land Solar Power Generation System


Extreme global climate change occurs due to the greenhouse gas effect

Responding to climate change by avoiding the generation of fossil fuels that generate carbon dioxide


Power generation method using a solar cell that generates electricity due to photoelectric effect when sunlight is irradiated to a solar cell composed of a semiconductor PN junction, when sunlight is irradiated, an electron positive hole pair is formed by photo energy, and the electrons and holes move to form the N-layer. Electromotive force is generated due to the photovoltaic effect that current flows across the P-layer, and current flows through a load connected to the outside. Solar power generation system is composed of a module composed of solar cells, a junction box, an inverter, and a storage battery.


By directly converting pollution-free Solar energy into electric energy, the amount of carbon dioxide generated can be zero.

500 tons of carbon dioxide per year can be reduced per 1MW of Solar power generation capacity.

About 45 times more carbon dioxide reduction than planting trees in the same area.