Loadbank Controller


  • Loadbank is an equipment that tests power supplying devices by providing electrical load to power supply sources such as generator UPS and Batteries.
  • In the case of generators that go in to offshore plants or vessels, generators are used in the amount of hundreds of KVA to up to 10-20MVA. However, if the Loadbank is not controlled accurately according to the generator’s output power, it can cause dangers where the expensive generators malfunction or becomes damaged.


  • Expansion is convenient due to its development in a parallel structure.
  • The tester can easily understand the test conditions because the measuring and analyzing functions have been enhanced.
  • It is convenient to use because the test functions such as the load distribution and settings have been automated and the HMI have been enhance.
  • By considering the distinct characteristics of offshore and vessels, it can be controlled wirelessly to increase the user’s manipulability.

Patent registration

  • A Load Tester for An Electric Generator (no. 10-1200042)